Creating a Mobile Theater-Round 1

This is the first exploration of my third year, which is called Tos Merl (*Khmer words, meaning,“Let’s watch”) Liger Community Traveling Theater. It is basically about building a community mobile theater. Last year I was in a similar exploration called Set Design, which is about preparing sets for a play, but this is a different kind of experience, since our goal is to make a mobile theater, but we also include the sets in the mobile theater. The reason why we do this is because it is more efficient and it could be used in various ways, meaning we could also use it for classrooms, presentations etc… I was assigned to be one of the two manager of the team, which is a totally new experience for me, since I’ve never been a manager before. After get a taste of it, I really like the job of managing, because this person helps the team a lot, interact with the team a lot, helps keep things organized, on task and keep them excited. Half way through our exploration, we went on a three days and two nights trip to Kampong Cham and Tbong Khmum, province located in the central of Cambodia. The main reason for us to go there is to interview people in the rural areas about their experiences with mobile theater or a play. We also filmed their answer, so that we could make a video and post it in Kickstarter, a website that we use to get donations, to buy the container truck, in order to redesign the truck into a mobile theater. On the other hand, we also performed an educational play to those people without our mobile theater, to introduce them to what is a play and what it looks like. It was a very fun experience for me and my teammates to interact with the villagers and get to know them more. This exploration is probably one of the biggest exploration this year, so we will continue this exploration in round 3 or later. I really enjoy working with my teammates and hope to collaborate with them in the future to finish our mobile theater.

Technology/Multimedia-Round 1

This is our first year learning multimedia and is also our first year learning with our new facilitator, Cindy. Our first week of multimedia, we were introduced to what is multimedia and research skills. It was very helpful that we get to learn about research skills. We could really use this skill to help us do research. We understand what is primary source and what is secondary source, these skills really help us when we are in college or when we write research papers and stuff. The following week, we learned about the adobe softwares, which includes Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. These four adobe softwares are all very helpful for us when we want to edit pictures, create posters, design a book, make a graphic designs, make a flyer and more. Below is the poster I made for the homework I was assigned using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Indesign. Although, we just studied multimedias for a few weeks, I really think it is very practical and helpful.

Poster I designed using Adobe Indesign and Adobe Lightroom,

Physical Science

This year, we will be focusing on Physical Science, which is a type of science. Physical Science is the study of matter and energy, which includes physics and chemistry. These few weeks, we learned about scientific investigation, how scientists investigates the field the science. Below is a picture of the process of scientific investigation. We also learned about the states of matter and atoms. To really understand more about atoms, our facilitator have us read the atom family, which is very useful to me. We also worked in groups to do research and do a short presentation to the whole class about what is inside an atom, atomic numbers etc…

Scientific Investigation-Step by Step

Etymology-English Literacy

Currently, we are focusing on studying etymology, which is very helpful and useful for English learners. We have a homework packet every week, in which we learned about the root words. We are only focusing on greek and latin words, also we have three new root words every week. Some of the root words we have learned are graph/gram, dict, scrib/scrip, aqua/aqu, mer/mar, bio, photo, phil etc… I really think studying these root words help me and everyone to know more vocabulary and could figure out the definition easily by just looking at the root words. We also have a little assessment related to the root words every Monday. In this class, we did a lot of discussion and the current one is about Poison. The morals of poison is for us to discriminate anyone, to be grateful, appreciative and not do the same as Harry, one of the character in the story that discriminates the doctor by calling him “ Litte Indian” and “ Dirty Little Hindu Sewer Rat”, which is very rude and disrespectful. This story is very descriptive of what was going on in the story and is very detailed.  

Introduction to Algebra-Math

Primary Mathematics Textbook 5A

This year we start a new book called “Primary Mathematics Workbook 5A”, which is from Singapore. This round, we reviewed a lot of things we learned last year such as; factors and multiples, calculations with parentheses etc… Something new I really like learning this round is methods for mental calculation, because this could really apply to real life living. I also really calculating without using a calculator or a paper; I usually only use my brain to calculate smaller numbers, so learning some of these methods really help me a lot with my learning and daily life. We actually got introduced a bit to algebra, which would be the hardest topic I’ve learned this round. I find it hard to learn, but it  is very useful, if we know how to use it correctly. I really look forward to learn even more fun and useful topics in the future.  

Podcasting about Disability (2017)

On my third exploration, I learn about podcasting about disability. In this exploration, we learned a lot about recording and communicating skills. To be able to make a podcast, you need to be creative in order to make your podcast be more interesting and attractive. You need to be good at editing, script writing, recording, interviewing and especially collaborating because sometimes you are not going to work alone, so collaborating is very important as well. In a team of three, we make podcasts about disability. For my team, we make a podcast about a woman who is blind and we interviewed her, then we started to plan on how our podcast was going to look like. After that, we wrote the script, then edit. After all of that process, it comes to recording step, after we recorded, we need to edit and make sure that the sound system is good enough that everyone could hear and all of those steps need collaborations. We also make some mini podcasts, where we make smaller podcasts individually. We make the mini podcasts to teach listeners about disability, especially on what words we should choose to talk to people with disability. It is very important on how you talk to them because it might influence them in some ways. After I finished this exploration, it changes my thinking towards people with disability and thinking could influences how we act to people with disability. If Cambodians listen to these podcasts, it would change their mindsets/thoughts about people with disability and their word choices to talk to them.

Girls in Technology-Technovation

Technovation is a program that is made specifically for girls This program teaches girls about technology and entrepreneurship. Technovation comes from the word “Technology” and “Innovation”. There are two main reasons why I joined Technovation. First of all, it’s because technology and entrepreneurship is my passion. I believe that technology could help Cambodia and the world to develop and become a better place. With all the passion I have about technology and entrepreneurship pushes me and my team to create an application that could help solve not only Cambodia, but also the world’s problem. The second reason is because there are so many problems that needed to be solved in Cambodia, which is also a reason why I joined Technovation. In fact, to make big changes to Cambodia and to the world, we need to start off with small changes first. My team and I’ve found solutions to major problems, even though we haven’t solved the problem yet, but with enough effort, passion and collaboration, we’ll make it happen some day. After I joined this program, I’ve proved my friends, my family and everyone around me that girls could participate and be a big part of the technology program too. In addition, it could change the boy’s mindset about girls in technology and there would be no more discrimination for girls, so they could have more opportunities to be able to be involved in any technology programs. Last, I encourage and support every girls to follow your own dreams. There would be obstacles in your way, but don’t stop and let’s move toward your own goals in your own path.

An Ungrateful Child-Khmer Poem

This is the first round of my third year at Liger. This round, our Khmer facilitator, Sokha focused on making Khmer poems. Khmer poem is very different from English poem. In Khmer poem, there are different ways of writing poems and different ways of saying the poems. Khmer poem is about the meaning, the rhythm and the emotions and tones when we say the poem. Every students in my class has a different type of poem. Below is my eight syllables poem, so each phrase has eight syllables. This poem is about a child that is wealthy and has a grateful mom, but the child is not much appreciative, so the child regrets after the mom past away. 


មនុស្សគ្រប់រូបត្រូវចាំកំណើតខ្លួន              ថាម្ដាយស្ងួនពិតជាឈឺចាប់ណាស់

ព្រោះកូនក្នុងផ្ទៃតែងតែបម្រះ                    នោះពិតច្បាស់ថាម្ដាយកំពុងឈឺ។

ទោះបីយ៉ាងណាម្ដាយនៅខំប្រឹង                  ខំពង្រឹងទាល់កូនឃើញពន្លឺ

ក្នុងនាមជាម្ដាយដូចអ្នកបំភ្លឺ                      មិនហ៊ានឈឺព្រោះខ្លាចប៉ះពាល់កូន។

៩ខែ១០ថ្ងៃបានមកដល់                                ម្ដាយពិតខ្វល់តស៊ូទោះសាបសូន្យ

តស៊ូទោះរលាយទៅតាមក្បូន                        ស្រលាញ់កូនជាជាងអ្វីទាំងអស់។

ពេលកូនធំម្ដាយជូនទៅសាលា                    ទៅសិក្សាក្រេបយកគ្មានចន្លោះ

ខំរៀនពីមត្តេយ្យមិនហ៊ានផ្លោះ                    ខ្លាចចន្លោះបាត់ចំណេះវិជ្ជា។

ឯកូនខ្លះវិញមិនដែលចូលរៀន                    ប្រៀបរុះស្ពានចម្លងភាពជោគជ័យ

ម្ដាយខំឲ្យកូនរៀនសាលាល្បី                           កូនអប្រិយមិនព្រមក្រេបចំណេះ។

បែរទៅជក់អភៀនញៀនកញ្ឆា                     ត្រូវប្រហារព្រោះតែងធ្វើប្រហែស

បើនៅតែបន្ដនោះនឹងឆេះ                            ក្លាយជាផេះរំលេចទៅតាមខ្យល់។

ម្ដាយខំធ្វើការមិនហ៊ានឈប់                        តាំងពីយប់ដល់ព្រឹកមិនដែលខ្វល់

កូនខ្លះវិញមិនដែលមានកង្វល់                    ព្រោះមិនខ្វល់ពីឪពុកម្ដាយ។

នៅចំពោះមុខមិនរក្សាថែ                               ពេលបាត់ម៉ែបាត់ពុកទើបកូនស្ដាយ

ពីមុនកូនតែងតែសុំលុយចាយ                      ឥឡូវអ្នកម្ដាយមិននៅចំពោះមុខ។

នៅពេលដែលព្រះមាតាទៅបាត់                     រលាយខ្ចាត់ទើបកូនចេះកើតទុក្ខ

អារម្មណ៍ពេលបាត់ម្ដាយដូចជាប់គុក           សល់តែពុកនៅមើលថែរក្សា។

ពេលវេលាមិនអាចត្រឡប់វិញ                          គេនឹងចេញដូចនេះកុំសោកសារ

ព្រោះវាត្រឹមតែជាជោគវាសនា                         មិនប្រាថ្នាឲ្យវាកើតឡើងឡើយ។

ដូចនេះពេលវេលាបានមកដល់់                       ខ្ញុំបន្សល់់់់សំនួរខ្វះចម្លើយ

ថាគួរខ្វល់់់់ខ្វាយឬកន្ដើយ                                   ឬបណ្ដោយឲ្យវាកន្លងហួស។