Black Lives Matter

A police officer’s unacceptable act perpetrated on George Floyd, an African American citizen, caused George’s death.

The incident that occurred on May 25th in Minneapolis startled me. A white police officer knelt his knee on George Floyd’s neck for more than seven minutes, while he was handcuffed and lying face down on the ground. This was an unforgivable act, when George was not even resisting, according to video recordings from multiple bystanders. I can’t breathe. Even after hearing George’s groaning words, the officer did not bother to lift his knee. Bystanders started to feel troublesome and asked the police officer to not pressure George’s neck. These worries didn’t seem to have an effect towards the officers one bit. When George became unresponsive, several eyewitnesses insisted on checking George’s pulse, however their requests weren’t granted by the police officers, until the ambulance arrived, which was already too late for George. This event provoked emotional reactions in many people, and reignited their anger and frustration. There were calls for action against the police officers who were responsible and the wider law enforcement system. The next day, the four officers who were present at the scene were fired, but the situation has only continued to deteriorate in Minneapolis. There were numerous protesters in front of the police station, stating that just firing the officers isn’t enough to bring justice for George Floyd. Police cars, government buildings were set on fire, windows were smashed, stores and multiple places were damaged. Things have become very chaotic. The following week, the four former police officers were charged with murder, as well as manslaughter. This is not the first time something this traumatizing has happened to African American citizens. There were several similar cases in the past with the same unfortunate results. Skin color should not change the way we see people. I know that everyone is disappointed and furious, however vandalizing people’s properties and businesses is wrong and is not helping the real issue at hand. George Floyd’s son also mentioned that violence will not solve anything. Instead we should be thinking of ways to help the current situation, such as donating to the organizations that are leading campaigns, in order to raise awareness and educate people about racism, as well as talking to family and friends about it. Everyone should be treated equally and well-respected mutually. Thereafter, countless African American individuals and many others have expressed their unsettling feelings and panic about what happened. Will this ever stop? Am I next? I believe that we all feel concerned and insecure. Those who were supposed to keep the city safe and make us feel safe are now the ones posing the threats to all of us. However, we should never assume that everyone is the same. I believe that there are still righteous police officers and people out there. There is still hope.


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